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  • stock: n 〈德語〉 滑雪手杖。n 1 (樹等的)干,根株,根莖。2 【園藝】砧木;苗木;原種。3 〈古語〉木塊,木...
  • balance: n 1 〈常作 a pair of balances〉 天平,秤。2 平衡,均衡,對稱;抵消;比較,對照,對比。3 (鐘表的...

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  1. I have taken impotance to analyze the rallying point of famous product, concrete cost and capability of providing and guarantee in this artical, meanwhile, i have caculated the quantity of concrete needed for the year and got the regression equation with the historic data for drilling footage of eight years and the consuming quantity of oilwell cement by the method of linear regression, and it has very significance for the making of stock contract and the plan of concrete production, i have analyzed the physical distribution of oilwell cement by the transpotation flex and the advantage or disadvantage between direct distribution and distribution to store in this artical, and i have tried to find the balance point of the two distribution ways by the ecnomic analysis and pointd out the conception of economic semidiameter, and come to the conclusion of direct distribution, distribution to store, and subarea of distribution to store at last

  2. Marketable securities include stock and debentures to be rea ? lized within one year from the balance sheet date and shall be accounted for at cost

  3. All of the company law take various measures to prevent watered stock in order to realize the maintenance of company ' s capital when the company is established. meanwhile, the distribution system about dividend and bonus and the relating system of company getting its own shares are discussed mainly in the maintenance of capital after company ' s working. though there are different distribution regulations about dividend and bonus, their aims are all to make balance between the interest of shareholders and creditors

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