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  • stock: n 〈德語〉 滑雪手杖。n 1 (樹等的)干,根株,根莖。2 【園藝】砧木;苗木;原種。3 〈古語〉木塊,木...
  • dividends: 股利

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  1. In a perfect walrasian market with no taxes or transations " costs, share prices on the ex - dividend day would fall by exactly the value of the dividend that is paid on each share. however, it is well documented that stock prices do not fall by full amount, on average. following elton and gruber ( 1970 ), we use chinese data to examine the effect of dividend taxes on investors " relative valuation of dividends and capital gains

  2. They get paid a stated dividend before the company even considers paying dividends on common stock

  3. Dividends may be paid in the form of cash or stock although a company is under no obligation to pay a dividend of any kind to its common shareholders

  4. Conversion : the series a preferred initially converts 1 : 1 to common stock at any time at option of holder, subject to adjustments for stock dividends, splits, combinations and similar events and as described below under “ anti - dilution provisions

    轉換權: a系列優先股股東可以在任何時候將其股份轉換成普通股,初始轉換比例為1 : 1 ,此比例在發生股份紅利、股份分拆、股份合併及類似事件以及「防稀釋條款」中規定的情況時做相應調整。
  5. Notwithstanding condition 5. 4, unless and until the bank receives any instructions to the contrary, the bank shall be authorised to present to the extent that the bank has actual notice thereof for payment all securities which are called, redeemed or retired or otherwise become payable and all coupons and other income items held by it for the account of the customer which call for payment upon presentation and shall hold such cash as is received by it upon such payment for the account of the customer ; hold for the account of the customer hereunder all stock dividends, rights and similar securities issued with respect to any securities held by it hereunder ; exchange interim receipts or temporary securities for definitive securities and hold such definitive securities for the account of the customer ; and deduct or withhold any sum on account of any tax required, or which in its view is required to be deducted or withheld or for which it is in its view, liable or accountable, by law or practice of any relevant revenue authority of any jurisdiction

    盡管有第5 . 4 a條之規定,除非及直至本行收到任何相反之指示,本行將被授權i只限於本行有實際通知之范圍內把所有被催交贖回或收回或其他成為應支付之證券及所有息票及由本行代客戶之賬戶而持有並在出示時成為應付的其他收入項目出示以取得付款,及在取得該付款後代客戶之賬戶持有該些現金ii在此等條件下代客戶之賬戶持有一切就本行在此等條件下所持有的任何證券而發行之股票股息優惠認股權證及類似證券iii以中期收據或臨時證券兌換正式證券及為客戶之賬戶持有該正式證券及iv扣減或預扣任何稅務規定之款項或本行認為須扣減或預扣之款項或本行認為根據任何司法管轄權區之任何有關稅務機構之法律或慣例須支付或負責之款項。