stopped check中文意思是什麼

stopped check解釋

  • stopped: 停下來
  • check: n 1 (象棋)將軍( ),被將軍的局面。2 (突然的)妨礙[制止,阻止];停頓,挫折;【打獵】(獵狗聞不...

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  1. Check the accelerograph handle termly, and find out if the clutch handle can turn flexibly

  2. A comparison of the experimental and calculated distribution curves should provide a robust check of the adequacy of this model.

  3. I am 25 years old, did palace neck awl to cut an operation this year in june, a month after art is reinspected, vaginal agnail, long still have a polyp ( the doctor says not big ), follow medicine of a place of strategic importance to take medicine the inflammation after a month already disappear, the doctor says need not every week will check, what don ' t have basically, how long can the need after doing awl to cut excuse me just do cancer hpv ( have different in all ) check, still polyp wants to just you can do little hand to want to be done

    我25歲,今年六月做了宮頸錐切手術,術后一個月復檢,陰道發炎,還長有一個息肉(醫生說不大) ,跟著塞藥吃藥一個月後炎癥已消,醫生說不用每個星期來檢查了,基本沒有什麼了,請問做了錐切后需要多久才能做癌癥hpv (總共有兩樣)檢查呢,還有息肉要多久才能去做小手要弄掉呢
  4. Maximilian settled himself in his corner without uttering a word. half an hour had passed when the carriage stopped suddenly ; the count had just pulled the silken check - string, which was fastened to ali s finger

  5. The cashier stopped what she was doing and disappeared down one of the aisles to check the price. she soon returned and said that the price was $ 3. 95