straight parallel venation中文意思是什麼

straight parallel venation解釋

  • straight: adj 1 直,一直線的 (opp crooked bent curved )。2 直挺的,向(目標)直進的。3 直接的,連續的。4 ...
  • parallel: adj 1 平行的;并行的 (to; with); 【電學】並聯的。2 同一方向的,同一目的的。3 相同的,同樣的,相...
  • venation: n. 脈絡,紋理;【植物;植物學】脈理,脈序;【昆】脈相;〈集合詞〉葉脈,翅脈。

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  1. The experimental curve runs nearly parallel to the abscissa.

  2. Gs series high speed involute cylindrical gear box is hard gear side box which is according to national criteria to design and manufacture. its structure form is outside engaged straight fear, oblique tooth gear or herringbone gear of single, closed and parallel axis

  3. Forelegs are parallel, straight, strongly boned and muscular and set close to the body well under thescapulae

  4. We hear the voices of mccandless and the driver ; the tires leave straight parallel snow tracks on the frame ' s outermost left

  5. We sample from parallel edges in equal distance, and we sample again from sample points set by slope and get fitting points set, then we use least square method to fit straight line with the fitting points set. the edges of paper currency image can be detected accurately and quickly by above method, and it is valid to some image with a certain defection