strata opticum中文意思是什麼

strata opticum解釋

  • strata: n. stratum 的復數。

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  1. Music appreciation is a kind of aesthetic activity, with the appreciators from different social strata

  2. It agrees with the fact that the gabbro is intruded by late ordovician granitic pluton. the pre - sinian basement strata exposed in the north kunlun massif are later archean - neoproterozoic milan group, changcheng system kaqiang group, jixian system liushui formation and qingbaikou system sulu formation

  3. Another participant proposed the establishment of a bicameral system to enable people from different strata to take part in the formulation of policies and legislation

  4. The author suggests that the three lithosphere - scale faults, lancangjiang fault, jinshanjiang - ailaoshan fault and axis fault in the middle of the basin, are the main geological structures that control the formation of basin, magmatism and metallogenic congregate district. the anticline structure with an axis of triassic strata and the related fault system within the basin, and gonglang arch - shaped folding structure in the south of the basin are the geological structure controlling the formation of ore fields. junctions of two or more faults with different orientation, interlayer cataclastic structural zone and oxidation - reduction ( redox ) boundary were the favorable position for the formation of ore bodies

  5. Conformity is a surface that separates younger strata from older rocks.