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  1. Music appreciation is a kind of aesthetic activity, with the appreciators from different social strata

  2. The first power station of jinping mountain lies in the west section of the yanglongjiang river from santan to shoupagou gully, with a double - curved arch dam of 305 - meter height and a normal water storage of 1880metres. the exposed strata of the damsite are marbles and arenaceous rocks of triassic and solution fissures have been developed in the marbles of the left - bank ' s dam abutment, and they have become a stratum of strong leakage. as a result, it has been an important problem for the dam foundation to stop leakage

  3. The lay of the strata can imply that the rock splits easily along its direction of cleavage.

  4. The sequence of the strata may be correlated with the devonian period bulakebashi formation in west section of east kunlun

  5. Faults disrupt strata.