音標 [strə'ti:dʒik]
adj. 形容詞 1. 戰略(上)的;(戰略上)重要的。
2. 為戰略計劃用的。


    1. This does not mean the abandonment of vital strategic points, which can be defended in positional warfare as long as profitable.

    2. In the era of knowledge - based economy, absolute majority of the companies rely on information and knowledge as strategic resources to achieve their development goal

    3. I am 25 years old, did palace neck awl to cut an operation this year in june, a month after art is reinspected, vaginal agnail, long still have a polyp ( the doctor says not big ), follow medicine of a place of strategic importance to take medicine the inflammation after a month already disappear, the doctor says need not every week will check, what don ' t have basically, how long can the need after doing awl to cut excuse me just do cancer hpv ( have different in all ) check, still polyp wants to just you can do little hand to want to be done

      我25歲,今年六月做了宮頸錐切手術,術后一個月復檢,陰道發炎,還長有一個息肉(醫生說不大) ,跟著塞藥吃藥一個月後炎癥已消,醫生說不用每個星期來檢查了,基本沒有什麼了,請問做了錐切后需要多久才能做癌癥hpv (總共有兩樣)檢查呢,還有息肉要多久才能去做小手要弄掉呢
    4. Jinghong industrial zone is the last zone that chinese government announces to develop, and its strategic location connects the china to the world through the gulf of thailand and andaman sea

    5. The two decades of development will serve as an inevitable connecting link for attainting the third - step strategic objectives for our modernization drive as well as a key stage for improving the socialist market economy and opening wider to the outside world