streaming potemtial中文意思是什麼

streaming potemtial解釋

  • streaming: n. 1. 流動。2. 【生物學】胞質環流。3. 〈主英〉學生編班制。4. 【計算機】(可使音頻視頻不用下載而快速為用戶所享受的)流動或接收法。

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  1. The results management originates the united states of 70 ' s in last century, streaming into china in 90 ' s, with its process of perfect system, daintiness and keep on the virtuous cycle of improvement enjoy the governors fancy

  2. Students are now streaming back to their dormitories.

  3. The inquiry ended in a final galop after which jupiter, breathless, streaming with perspiration and minus his crown, declared that the little women of earth were delicious and that the men were all to blame

  4. Through the rue de la monnaie the wind rushed like white hair streaming wild : it whirled around the white hitching posts which obstructed the free passage of omnibuses and twenty mule teams

  5. Smoke mermaids, coolest whiff of all. hair streaming : lovelorn