streptocoocus faecium中文意思是什麼

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    1. A small cryptical plasmid pefr was isolated from enterococcus faecium strain df101. the complete sequence analysis of the plasmid show that it consists of 3176 bps, which contains four putative orfs. orf1 encodes a putative protein and is highly similar to repa which functions in replication

      從屎腸球菌df101菌株中分離到隱秘的小質粒pefr ,全序列分析顯示質粒pefr由3176bp組成,編碼四個推定的orf , orf1編碼的一個推定的蛋白和復制有關的repa有很高的相似性。
    2. Drug - resistance analysis of 157 strains of enterococcus faecium

    3. Microbiological analysis of meat and meat products ; determination of enterococcus faecalis and enterococcus faecium ; spatula method reference method