strida compact中文意思是什麼

strida compact解釋

  • strida: 斯特里達
  • compact: n 契約,協議,條約。 by compact 照契約。 enter into a compact 訂契約,訂合同。adj 1 擠滿的,密集...

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  1. Aggregates are compact and close to spherical in shape.

  2. The machine has compact structure and good performance. it contains mechanics structure, hydraulic pressure system and automatic. it has high automaticity. it is easy to operate

  3. Construction technology of backfill and compact by layer of the refuse foundation

  4. The xm8 is of modular construction and barrels of different lengths and weights can be interchanged to meet tactical needs, producing carbine, compact carbine, sharpshooter, and ? with a long heavy barrel, a bipod and a largecapacity magazine ? an automatic rifle

    Xm8屬于模塊化結構,其槍管有多種不同的長度和重量可供替換以適應戰術要求,生產出卡賓槍,緊湊型卡賓槍,狙擊槍,以及? ?加裝長槍管,兩腳架和大容量彈匣的? ?自動步槍。
  5. With carbureted high - strength good - quality alloy, the series has the feature of high - efficiency and long life - span, high permissible axial and radial loads, low noise, high reliability and compact structure and so on configuration modality