strip-edge scanning equipment中文意思是什麼

strip-edge scanning equipment解釋

  • strip: vt (stripped 〈罕用語〉 stript stripping )1 剝;剝去衣服;剝光;除去,取去 (of)。2 奪,搶去;...
  • edge: n 1 刀口,(刀)刃;鋒;端;銳利。2 邊,棱,邊緣,邊界,界線,界限。3 優勢,優越條件。4 (聲調、...
  • scanning: n. 1. 細看,細察,審視。2. 【電視】掃描,掃掠,搜索。
  • equipment: n. 1. 〈常 pl. 〉設備,裝備,配件,配備物品。2. (一個企業除房地產以外的)固定資產。3. (工作必需的)知識,技能,修養。4. (火車)車輛;(汽車等)運輸配備。

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  2. The steel reinforcement can be simulated in cementing a strip of ordinary photoelastic material along the crack edge.

  3. They just found the scanning equipment, and it is ancient technology not something they brought from earth

    他們發現了掃描設備,並且是古人技術,不是從地球帶來的(不太懂這句) 。
  4. To collect data, globe ( shanghai ) uses advanced laser scanning equipment and software applications which makes it the only company in china offering laser scanning services to the process industry

  5. Knife - edge scanning measurement