stroboscopic disk中文意思是什麼

stroboscopic disk解釋

  • stroboscopic: 動態鏡的
  • disk: n 1 圓盤;盤狀,盤狀物。2 【體育】鐵餅;〈美國〉唱片。3 【植物;植物學】花盤;【動物;動物學】盤...

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  2. Hash recursion or bailout occurs when there is not enough memory to process queries in place and they need to spill to disk

  3. A balance wheel is a finely balanced disk that rotates fully one way and then the other, repeating the cycle over and over [ see illustration on page 81 ]

    所謂平衡齒輪是一個精細平衡的圓盤,可以正向反向來迴旋轉擺動(參見早期時鐘機械原理的發展? 4 ) 。
  4. The disk of stars thickened considerably in the region of resonance, giving the inner regions of the galaxy a boxy or a peanut shape

  5. , 2200bpi, 200tpi unrecorded single - disk, double - density cartridge front loading, 2200 bpi, 200 tpi, general, physical and magnetic requirements