stroboscopic flash source中文意思是什麼

stroboscopic flash source解釋

  • stroboscopic: 動態鏡的
  • flash: vt 1 使閃光,使閃爍;反照,反射 (back)。2 晃;迅速傳達出去,拍出,發出(電報等)。3 使閃現;把...
  • source: n 1 源頭,水源,源泉。2 根源,本源;來源。3 原因;出處;原始資料。4 提供消息的人。5 血統。vt 〈美...

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  1. Using information of the source term ( information on the magnitude of the radiological release, including the amounts, types and ratios of the released radioactive materials ) and meteorological conditions, the acas models the transport and dispersion of the released radioactive materials and predicts the radiation dose to the public

  2. But as great efforts were made by such modern aestheticians as wang guowei and cai yuanpei from the perspective of aesthetics, the chinese modern enlightenment has become an independent and indispensable force, indeed, an important intellectual source for the modernization of new china

  3. Mobile tattoo parlor, portfolio, flash, health information regarding the process and aftercare of tattoos, a bookstore, and links. also contains piercing and body modification information

  4. The afterheat, which is collected by recovery devices, in winter can be used as the low level thermal source of heat pump, and in summer can preheat feed water, thus equivalent an economizer. because energy flows in the system so reasonably that energy is used to the most, therefore, its energy conservation effect is significant, and the operating expenditure declines consequently. the sewage can be reused after due treatment, thua it has a certain social and ecological benefit, too

  5. Food source : with pig blood, chicken blood, duck blood, animal blood, celery, agaric and dawdle are best, still have all sorts of lean lean, the egg is yellow, soya bean reachs its goods, sesame seed oar