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  • strong: n 斯特朗〈姓氏〉。adj 1 強壯的,有力的,有膂力的;強健的;鞏固的,堅牢的,堅固的;堅強的(性格等...
  • dual: adj. 二的;二重的;二體的;二元的。 dual personality 雙重人格。n. 【語法】雙數;【數學】對偶。 the D- Monarchy 雙重君主國〈指第一次世界大戰前的奧匈帝國〉。
  • space: n 1 空間;太空。2 空隙,空地;場地;(火車輪船飛機中的)座位;餘地;篇幅。3 空白;間隔;距離。4 ...

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  1. A method to calculate quantitatively the adsorption volume or adsorption space of per mass of adsorbent derived from both the adsorbed molecule volume and the maximum adsorbance of a solute in an adsorption isotherm under a given experimential condition is presented firstly for a solid / liquid adsorption system of the solute in a dilute aqueous solution. this method is suitable for not only mono - layer adsorption, but also mani - layer adsorption and micelle adsorpion of surfactant constructed by hydrophile and lipophile groups. therefore, the surface concentration of the adsorbate, cs, deduced from the adsorption volume is possessed of the meaning of true concentration, and the value of the patition coefficient of the adsorbate between solid and liquid phass, p, attained by the cs and the c, solution concentration of the adsorbate, can be accurate. the foregoing a set of calculations are presented for the solid - liquid adsorption systems consisted of the wool fiber and separately dodecyltrimethyl - ammonium bromide ( dtab ) and hexadecyltrimethyl - ammonium bromide ( ctab ) in this paper. this provides a strong basis for adsorption thermodynamic investigation of adsorbate

    對稀溶液中溶質的固/液吸附體系,首次提出了根據吸附分子體積和實驗條件下吸附等溫線中的最大吸附量計算單位質量吸附劑的吸附體積或吸附空間的方法.此法適用於單層吸附,也適用於多層吸附和具有親水親油結構的表面活性劑分子的膠團吸附.由此,吸附質的表面相濃度cs具有真實濃度的含義,相應地,計算得到的溶質的固/液分配系數p就有了準確值.分別計算由溴代十二烷基三甲銨( dtab )和溴代十六烷基三甲銨( ctab )與羊毛纖維構成的液/固體系分配系數等,為溶質吸附的熱力學研究奠定了基礎
  2. Handsome durable : duct strong sense of the whole, with the handsome, dark can be installed to maximize the ceiling height, not enough space on the floors is particularly important

  3. Appellation ten has a dual characteristic of stability and changeability, capable of embodying the of the times, having very strong social value deserving attention

  4. It is proved that strong countable compact set is a strong fuzzy paracompact if and only if it is a strong fuzzy compact, strong fuzzy compact set and fuzzy unit interval are strong fuzzy paracompact, the product of a strong fuzzy compact set and a strong paracompact set is strong fuzzy paracompact, a strong t2strong fuzzy paracompact space is strong 5 - regular and strong s - normal, a strong 5 - regula

    證明了每個強fuzzy緊集和fuzzy單位區間i廠)都是強fumy仿緊的;強fuzzy緊集和強fuzzy仿緊集的乘積是強fuzzy仿緊集;強tz的強fuzzy仿緊空間是強s 「一正則的;強tz的強fuz 。
  5. This be the quiz game of square piece in a super and strong space, you need to manipulate a square piece to find out an end red base to arrive in the route of the turns and twists one pass, the toll - gate of the game the design be very skillful, letting person ' s ignoramus sink deeply among them, the direction key top and bottom is or so to carry on an operation