structural relaxation中文意思是什麼

structural relaxation解釋

  • structural: adj. 構造上的,結構上的,組織上的。adv. -ly
  • relaxation: n. 1. (精神等的)鬆弛;放鬆;【物理學】張弛;弛豫。2. (刑罰等的)減輕,放寬。3. 休養,休息,解悶,娛樂。4. 鬆懈;寬舒;緩和。5. 衰弱,精力減退。

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  1. All main technicals have been participated in the united design and technology transfer of mpc75 branchline aerobus and have a good command of key technologies on structural and system design of the airplane kinds like boeing and airbus as well as possess rich data of above planes

  2. Carbon structural and low alloy steel - rotled plates and strips

  3. Based on the studies of petrotexture, structural deformation and the relevant metamorphism, this paper indicates that this peridotite massif is the product of ultramafic magma cumulated at the crust - mantle transtion zone and has undergone the early stage of plastic deformation under the condition of granulite facies ( 800 ) and late ductile shearing at amphibolite and greenschist facies in relevance to uplifting

    本文通過巖體的結構、構造變形及相應的變質作用研究,提出了該橄欖巖體是由超基性巖漿在殼幔過渡帶結晶而成,並經歷了與圍巖一致的麻粒巖相( 800 )條件下的早期塑性變形以及角閃巖相和綠片巖相退化變質條件下與逆沖上升有關的韌性剪切變形。
  4. At present plenty of experimental study has been made on the materials and structural performance of asphalt concrete cores in the world, and the design methods and construction technique as well as equipments have been more mature. however, there is still lack of the research of its basic performance. in this thesis, in combination with the actual project, the experimental study has been employed with the field core specimen and the specimen made in laboratory, mainly include the static triaxial test, confinement pressure stabilization test and stress relaxation test

    目前,國內外對瀝青混凝土心墻的材料和結構性能已進行了一些試驗研究,其設計方法、施工工藝和設備較為成熟,但其基本性能研究方面顯得較為薄弱,本文結合實際工程對瀝青混凝土心墻的芯樣和試驗室成型的試件進行了試驗研究,主要包括靜三軸試驗、圍壓穩定試驗以及應力鬆弛試驗研究,得到以下基本結論: 1
  5. We have deduced mathematical equations modeling its vibration and studied the stability of the semigroup associated with the equation system. we obtain the exponential stability under certain hypotheses of smoothness and structural condition of the coefficients of the system, applying the relaxation function decays exponentially. this result does not need the continuity of the damping coefficient at the interface

    對于具有局部粘彈性阻尼的高維波方程的能量的指數衰減問題, liuetal . 51 }和riveraetal . 63分別對k一v型和boltzmann型的情形進行了研究,在假設了阻尼系數是光滑的並且附加了一些結構性條件的情形下,得到了指數穩定性的結果。