structural veneer中文意思是什麼

structural veneer解釋

  • structural: adj. 構造上的,結構上的,組織上的。adv. -ly
  • veneer: n. 1. 鑲面板;表層飾板;鑲飾表面的東西,表面鑲飾;飾面,護面。2. 外飾,虛飾。vt. 在…蓋鑲片,在…蓋鑲板,(用象牙、大理石、珍珠等)鑲蓋(木、石等);虛飾,粉飾。

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  1. In this paper, certain analysis on structural effectiveness and agglomerative effectiveness which are been done in order to find the reason for the increase of regional inequality

  2. Semantic structural patterns on alliterative compounds in modern chinese

  3. Also, this paper studies the amendable methods of dynamic numeration model, and bring forward that optimized method can revise finite element model, while validating the construed results of structural mode is almost equal to true values

  4. Based on the studies of petrotexture, structural deformation and the relevant metamorphism, this paper indicates that this peridotite massif is the product of ultramafic magma cumulated at the crust - mantle transtion zone and has undergone the early stage of plastic deformation under the condition of granulite facies ( 800 ) and late ductile shearing at amphibolite and greenschist facies in relevance to uplifting

    本文通過巖體的結構、構造變形及相應的變質作用研究,提出了該橄欖巖體是由超基性巖漿在殼幔過渡帶結晶而成,並經歷了與圍巖一致的麻粒巖相( 800 )條件下的早期塑性變形以及角閃巖相和綠片巖相退化變質條件下與逆沖上升有關的韌性剪切變形。
  5. We are one of the major structural laminated veneer lumber ( lvl ) manufactures and markets in the world with largest market share in australia

    我們是世界上生產和經營建築單層板積材( lvl )的主要廠商之一,現在澳大利亞佔有最大的市場份額。