stubble mulch中文意思是什麼

stubble mulch解釋

  • stubble: n. 1. 〈常 pl. 〉 (稻麥的)殘樁;〈集合詞〉谷茬,麥茬,茬地。2. 短發,短鬍子。
  • mulch: n. 【林業】林地覆蓋物;護根物;地面覆蓋料。vt. 覆蓋樹根[地面]。

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  1. Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array

  2. The dairymaids and men had flocked down from their cottages and out of the dairy - house with the arrival of the cows from the meads ; the maids walking in pattens, not on account of the weather, but to keep their shoes above the mulch of the barton

  3. But emu oil is also the best product to soften beard stubble and prevent razor burn, calm bikini rash, prevent hangnails, brighten complexion, moisturize skin, add luster and vitality to hair, repair split ends, massage away sore muscles, soften hands, and it also helps improve ichthyosis, alopecia areata hair loss, epithelialized wounds, pain, swelling, stiffness, bruising, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, athletes foot, diaper rash, and pet skin problems

    但鴯油並且是最佳的產品軟化鬍子發茬並且防止剃刀燒傷,鎮定比基尼泳裝疹,防止hangnails ,照亮臉色,潤濕皮膚,增加色澤和生命力來頭發,修理頭發分叉,按摩去疼痛肌肉,軟化手,和它幫助改進鱗癬,脫發癥areata掉頭發,並且epithelialized創傷痛苦膨脹,僵硬,挫傷, tendonitis腕骨隧道足癬尿布疹,和寵物皮膚問題。
  4. The best time to add mulch depends on your goal

  5. He wore the ordinary white pinner and leather leggings of a dairy - farmer when milking, and his boots were clogged with the mulch of the yard ; but this was all his local livery