styrene-acrylic anti-rust latex paint中文意思是什麼

styrene-acrylic anti-rust latex paint解釋

  • styrene: n. 【化學】苯乙烯。
  • acrylic: adj. 【化學】丙烯酸的。
  • anti: n (pl antis) 〈口語〉反對者,反對派。 Pros and antis 贊成派和反對派。 The anti group 反對派。ad...
  • rust: n 1 銹;銹色。2 鐵銹;【植物;植物學】銹菌,銹病。3 荒廢,停滯,無活動。vi 生銹;【植物;植物學】...
  • latex: n. (pl. latexes, latices ) 【植物;植物學】橡漿,乳液,樹乳,膠乳。
  • paint: n 1 顏料;塗料;油漆。2 化妝品;香粉;口紅;胭脂;(化裝用的)油彩。3 彩色;裝飾,虛飾。vt 1 (用...

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  1. The products have high quality and low price. the latex paint produced in our company has strong adhesion, good covering power, strong resistance to acid and alkali, good erasibility and resistance to washing

  2. The white emulsion can be used for the adherence of timber, paper, cotton, fabric, and asbestos. it can also be used for fiber sizing, textile finishing, the reinforcing agent for cement and ceramics, and the preparation of latex paint as well

  3. For the preparation of latex paint, priming paint, coating varnish, and sand spray coating

  4. Aozhan company concentrate on development of “ special oily agent ”, which have owned countless great accomplishment and gradually becomes taking characteristic “ anti - rust, lubrication, cleaning, cooling ” as “ silver brilliant ” series of special long - term and mid - term anti - rust agent, special mold release agent, cleaner and thimble oils and so on

  5. Development of waterborne anti - rust emulsion paint