音標 [səb'sidjəri]
adj. 形容詞 1. 輔助的,幫助的。
2. 次要的,附屬的。
3. 補足的 (to); (指雇傭兵)為另一國所雇傭的。
n. 名詞 1. 補給品。
2. 附屬者,附屬品。
3. 子公司〈=subsidiary company〉。
4. 【音樂】副主題。


    1. Proposed acquisition of hydro - power plant hong kong, september 9, 2002 - aminate manufacturer, kingboard chemical holdings limited sehk : 148 " kingboard chemical " today announces its non wholly - owned subsidiary, kingboard copper foil holdings limited ses : kbcf " kingboard copper foil ", has signed a memorandum of understanding with yingde city people s government to acquire the fixed assets of a 72mw hydro - power plant in yingde for rmb700 million

      覆銅面板生產商建滔化工集團香港聯交所: 0148建滔化工今日宣布其附屬公司建滔銅箔集團有限公司新加坡交易所: kbcf建滔銅箔與英德市政府簽訂一項諒解備忘錄,建議收購英德市白石窯7 . 2萬千瓦容量水電廠的固定資產,總代價為人民幣七億元。
    2. It was the capital of the deva dynasty until the13th century and later the subsidiary capital of the sultanate of bengal

    3. Circulate statements at ecosoc subsidiary bodies meetings

    4. The eastern court ordered to estreat 250, 000 cash surety from a senior executive of a subsidiary of guangnan holdings limited who was wanted by the icac in relation to alleged letters of credit fra

    5. The chinese subsidiary shanghai longhua hospital, professor hui - yong zhang : " old chronic bronchitis, " which is a very high incidence of the lung disease, the symptoms of recurrent respiratory tract infection, clinical 多 見 cough with sputum, shortness of breath breathing space and time for a long time qi deficiency, fluid yumao, expectoration powerless

      上海中醫大附屬龍華醫院呼吸內科張惠勇教授: 「老慢支」是一種發病率非常高的肺部疾病,其癥狀表現為反復呼吸道感染,臨床多見咳嗽多痰、喘息氣短、時間久了肺氣虧虛、津液虧耗、咳痰無力。