subtidal community中文意思是什麼

subtidal community解釋

  • subtidal: 潮下的
  • community: n. 1. 村社;社會,集體;鄉鎮,村落;【生物學】群落,群社。2. 共有,共用;共同體,共同組織;聯營(機構)。3. 共(通)性;一致(性);類似性。

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  1. A community-type, as a class-concept, is inescapably an abstraction.

  2. Regardless how loud and how many members of the world architectural community, friends and adorers of this famous architect shout that the above 50 - floor building one of the greatest achievements of architect of the world, and how many glorious rewards they award to this architect, there is no way to change the fact that this 50 - floor building contains serious false, its ' safety is still in question and therefore can not be used

  3. Today the grievous pangs of falling wages and rising unemployment afflicted the whole community.

  4. Our community is a diverse group of subject experts and web aficionados

  5. In influencing the inside factors of peasant household ' s decision, have householder ' s schooling, population, workforce ' s quantity and land area, householder ' s schooling and land area exert a great influence on peasant household ' s decision ; the external factors of influencing peasant household ' s decision have natural environment conditions, agrotechnical to popularize cost and benefit, policy, market, community and neighbourhood relation, popularize service system