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  1. ( 4 ) based on the analysis and summary of typical orogenic belt in china, advancing the marker to distinguish the exist of delamination occurred in orogenic belt, especially giving up some new marker such as ring ultrabasic - basic - medium acid rock body, local bimodal continental rifting volcanic activity ; rapakivi granite, etc. ( 5 ) collating the main stages of south part of sanjiang orogenic belts evolution after the close of old nanchangjiang ocean, i

  2. In this case during paleozoic, nearly east west trending arc structures resulted from the interaction between china plate and siberian plate. in mesozoic the westward subduction of kula - pacific plate under the china continental plate resulted in the nne and ne trend structures ( duimadao fault, diaoyudao fault, okinawa fault, uplifts belts and subsidence belts ) as well as volcano - magmatic belts in eastern of china plate

    本文所涉及近東西向展布的弧形構造形成於古生代時期中國板塊與西伯利亞板塊的碰撞帶,而在中生代,中國板塊下的kula - pacific板塊向西俯沖導致了北北東向和北東向構造(如duimadao斷層、 diaoyudao斷層、 okinawa斷層、隆起帶和沉降帶)以及位於中國板塊東部的火山巖漿帶。
  3. ( 3 ) on interannual timescale, the changes in the sh ferrel cell lead to the anti - phase variation of the subtropical high and the circumpolar low, i. e., the antarctic oscillation ( aao )

    ( 3 )南半球ferrel環流圈的異常使繞極低壓帶和副熱帶高壓帶的強度出現了反位相的變化特徵,即南極濤動。
  4. The following new opinions : without caving zone coal layer extraction in efflorescent oxygenized belts ; two effects of blocking water and preventing water flowing fractured zone from going on developing after mining effect ; appropriately enlarging the extraction thickness were presented

  5. Considering spatial pattern of stockbreeding industrialization in yunnan province, six stockbreeding industrial belts are divided as : 1 ) the northeast industrial belt on plateau mountain in warm temperate zone and temperate zone ; 2 ) the central industrial belt in warm temperate zone and subtropical zone ; 3 ) the northwest mountain industrial belt in temperate zone and cool temperate zone ; 4 ) the southeast industrial belt in subtropical zone and tropical zone ; 5 ) the south industrial belt in subtropical zone and tropical zone ; 6 ) the southwest industrial belt in warm temperate zone, subtropical zone and tropical zone