succeed in averting an accident中文意思是什麼

succeed in averting an accident解釋

  • succeed: vt. 繼…之後,繼續;接著…發生;〈詩〉使成功。vi. 1. 成功,獲得成效;(計劃等)順利進行。2. 繼承,承受;接連,接著發生 (to)。adj. -ent
  • in: adv 1 朝里,向內,在內。 A coat with a furry side in有皮裡子的外衣。 Come in please 請進來。 The ...
  • an: an1indef. art. 見 a 條。1. 〈方、口〉 = and. 2. 〈古、方〉 = (and) if.
  • accident: n 1 故障,事故,偶發事件;偶然。2 災難,災害,不幸,不測,意外,橫禍。3 附帶事件,附屬品。4 【哲...

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  1. A wariness of mind he would answer as fitted all and, laying hand to jaw, he said dissembling, as his wont was, that as it was informed him, who had ever loved the art of physic as might a layman, and agreeing also with his experience of so seldom seen an accident it was good for that mother church belike at one blow had birth and death pence and in such sort deliverly he scaped their questions

    彼為人謹慎,為了做出迎合眾人心意之答復,手托下顎,乃按習慣詭稱: 「吾雖外行,卻摯愛醫術目睹如此罕見之事件,吾以為母親教會如能同時拿到誕生與死亡之獻金41 ,確為一舉兩得之好事。 」遂用此言岔開彼等之質疑。
  2. When carter died in 1904 alter an accident, leno pined and died in london six months later

    卡特在一次車禍後於1904年去世,麗諾日漸憔悴, 6個月後在倫敦逝世。
  3. And ofttimes the beauty of poetry, so sad in its transient loveliness, had misted her eyes with silent tears that the years were slipping by for her, one by one, and but for that one shortcoming she knew she need fear no competition and that was an accident coming down dalkey hill and she always tried to conceal it

  4. Article 49 in case an accident occurred to a civil aircraft, the pilot - in - command shall report in time the state of the accident accurately to the competent civil aviation authority under the state council directly or through air traffic control unit

  5. He did succeed in casting an enduring literary spell.