succinylated egg albumin中文意思是什麼

succinylated egg albumin解釋

  • egg: n 1 蛋,雞蛋;〈生〉卵,卵細胞;卵形物。2 〈俚語〉炸彈,手榴彈;魚雷。3 〈俚語〉人,傢伙。4 〈俚...
  • albumin: n. 【生物化學】清蛋白,白蛋白。

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  1. Therefore, the reason why houji was abandoned was not that his father was unknown, or he had to accept the experiment of totem ritual, but that he was born " egg - like " ( wrapped in afterbirth ), a rare and hoodooing phenomenon at the time

    當時盛行普那路亞婚(即外婚制) ,民「知母不知父」 ,因而後稷被其母姜?拋棄,既不是因為他無父而生,也不是因為他要接受圖騰儀式的考驗,而是因為他出生時「胎生如卵」 (帶胞生) ,形體異常,古人以為妖異而不祥,所以被拋棄。
  2. The former must be cooked al dente and be rich in egg fragrance, whereas the latter must be tangy and clear enough to highlight the taste and colour of the wonton and the noodles

  3. Binding equilibrium study between au and serum albumin

  4. The 3rd, into good hatch is done before brooding implement, hatch uses an egg dish, kind egg and give cheeper implement clean alexipharmic job

  5. The plaque - forming cell response to sheep red blood cells was found to be enhanced in mice fed a formula diet containing 20 g lactalbumin / 100 g diet in comparison to mice fed equivalent formula diets of similar nutritional efficiency containing 20 g / 100 g diet of either casein, soy, wheat or corn protein, egg albumin, beef or fish protein, spirulina maxima, or scenedesmus protein, or purina mouse chow

    摘要:本研究發現餵食特殊配方( 20克乳白蛋白/ 100克飼料)小鼠的溶血斑形成細胞對綿羊紅血球的免疫反應增強,對照組餵食相等營養功效配方的酪蛋白、大豆、小麥或玉米蛋白、卵蛋白、牛肉或魚肉蛋白、以及其它三種市售蛋白飼料。