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  1. This course consists of several major parts, such as ordinary differential equation, vectors and analytic geometry, derivatives, integration and series

  2. Products include derivatives of anisole, methoxybenzene, acetyl chloride, and benzoyl chloride

  3. Now qinghaosu and some of it ' s derivatives are being used around the world as effective new antimalarial drugs in the fight against falciparum malaria, including multi - drug - resistant plasmodium falciparum. in addition, recent studies also indicate that some qinghaosu derivatives have other bioactivities, including antiparasitic and anticancer activities

  4. In this study, the stem segments of new shoot with axillary buds of well - growth tetraploid black locust trees were used as explants. the effects of different basic mediums, different hormone kinds and their concentrations ratios, different sucrose concentrations on calli induction, buds differentiation and rooting in the process of establishment of high frequency regeneration system of tetraploid black locust were studied. on the base of high frequency regeneration system, the effects of various factors on transformation efficiency of badh mediated by agrobacterium tumefaciens were discussed in the light of gus histochemical assays

    本實驗首先以生長良好的四倍體刺槐優株上當年生新梢的帶腋芽莖段為外植體,研究了在四倍體刺槐高頻再生體系的建立過程中不同基本培養基、不同激素濃度及其配比、不同蔗糖濃度對愈傷組織的誘導、芽的分化及生根的影響;然後在得到高頻再生體系的基礎上,通過農桿菌介導法轉化甜菜堿醛脫氫酶( badh )基因,以gus染色組織分析為依據探討了影響轉化效率的各種因素,建立了高效、可重復的基因轉化體系,為四倍體刺槐目的基因的導入打下了基礎。
  5. Theoretical study on molecular nonlinear optical properties of barbituric acid derivatives