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  1. In contrast, n - acetyl - d - galactosamine, sucrose, d - glucose, glycogen, d - mannose, l - fucose and fetuin had no inhibitory effects on hemagglutination. so the lectin activity in the humoral fluids of amphioxus is sh group - dependent and is specifically inhibited by various d - galactosides. also, the humoral fluids obtained from e. coli - injected amphioxus showed increased agglutinating activity against human b and o, rabbit, grass carp and toad erythrocytes, but not against human a and chick erythrocytes, hinting that there might be two types of lectins in amphioxus humoral fluids

  2. Afpga expressed in dh5a was repressed by fast - utilized carbon source of high concentration, while slow - utilized carbon source such as sucrose, starch and dextrin enhanced enzyme production

    玉米漿顯著地促進afpga在菌株dh5 psmlfpga的表達,卻抑制afpga在菌株dh5 pkkfpga的表達。
  3. Or sucrose or dextrose. - or maltodextrose

    蔗糖或者葡萄糖都不行。 -麥芽糖也不行。
  4. Fructose is white crystallized powder, sweet taste, tasting twice as sweet as sucrose, and tastes particularly sweet when cold or in solution, it is sweetest glucide

    果糖是一種吸濕性極強的白色無臭結晶或結晶性粉末。味甜,甜度蔗糖的1 . 4 - 1 . 6倍。
  5. Take the cucumber, the fresh cow ' s milk as a raw material, and matches by the sucrose, the stabilizer and so on, delivers one kind after the lactic fermentation to have the cucumber fragrance, and has the sour odor to have the nutrition and the health care function cucumber yogurt slightly