suction side cartridge中文意思是什麼

suction side cartridge解釋

  • suction: n. 1. 吸,吸引,吸入;吸力。2. 吸氣,吸氣通風;【物理學】空吸。3. 〈英國〉喝酒。4. 吸水管。
  • side: n 1 (左右上下等的)邊,側面;(事物內外等的)面,方面;(人、物等的)旁,旁邊。2 〈數〉(三角形...
  • cartridge: n. 1. 【軍事】彈藥筒;子彈。2. 【物理學】釋熱元件;【無線電】拾音器心座;(電唱機上的)針頭。3. 【機械工程】夾頭,卡盤;燈座;(圓珠筆上盛油墨的)筆芯。4. 【攝影】軟片,膠卷。

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  1. While slowly breasting this ascent tess became conscious of footsteps behind her, and turning she saw approaching that well - known form - so strangely accoutred as the methodist - the one personage in all the world she wished not to encounter alone on this side of the grave

  2. Her face was a dull pain and her side ached.

  3. Telephone companies call their salespeople account executives ? especially on the equipment and non - long distance side

  4. With contaminated hand, turn the child's head to right side to suction left bronchus.

  5. The cover, which features a small wing profile on each side of the car, speeds up airflow over this area, improving air extraction by the diffuser, hence improving the diffuser ' s suction effect