superior cervical cardiac branch中文意思是什麼

superior cervical cardiac branch解釋

  • superior: adj (opp inferior)1 在上的,上部的,比…高的,上級的,高級的。2 優良的,上等的,優秀的。3 優勢的...
  • cervical: adj. 【解剖學】1. 頸(部)的。2. 子宮頸的。
  • cardiac: adj. 【醫學】1. 心臟(病)的。2. (胃的)賁門的。n. 1. 心臟病患者。2. 強心劑。3. 健胃劑。
  • branch: n 1 (樹)枝〈泛指大枝或小枝;bough 特指大枝,也指連花、果折下的枝;limb 指大枝;twig 指小枝〉。2...

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    格羅夫購物中心大約40座建築中,有一座配備百葉窗和木製樓廳的加勒比式建築,一座裝飾藝術電影院和一座豪華的美術大廈(內設阿伯克比龍與菲奇時裝品牌分店) 。
  2. As the biggest building management branch in xi ' an, from 1998, according to " market turning, profession turn, acculturating, norm turning " with the basic target and direction, a series trying from government to enterprise gradually were engaged. at last we choose the property management as the main direction in changing system

  3. It reveals that 30 % acidulous grain alcohol is suitable, superior in the pigment dissolving

    結果表明: 30 %酸性乙醇是美國地錦色素的較好提取劑。
  4. Conclusion the transposition of external femoral condyle periosteal flap pedicled with superiolateral genicular artery or the direct periosteal branch of femoral artery could be designed to repair the superior part of femoral condyle or the middle segment of femur respectively

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