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  • supply: vt ( plied) 供給;供應;配給;補充,填補,彌補(不足、損失等)。 Cows supply us (with) milk ...

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  1. The rock walls sometimes supply heat, sometimes absorb it.

  2. Aerospace ; power supply for anti - collision beacon

  3. They supply great quantities of agricultural by-products to the state.

  4. ( 2 ) development of tourism market should go on according to the procedure : first, analyzes the tourist behaviour features and relations between the supply and demand of tourism market ; second, select target market ; third, makes correct developing strategies of tourism market, including images designing on tourist destinations, rich and varied marketing activities, flexible price strategies, high quality service, etc. ( 3 ) surburbs tourism products should be designed on principles of meeting market demands, resources features, characteristic, structure bettering, comprehensive benefits, rational distribution, and surburbs tourism routes should be designed under principles of rational time arrangement, appropriate space arrangement, equal in value, etc. ( 4 ) development of tourism commodities is of great significance to surburbs tourism, which can enhance comprehensive tourism economy benefits, promote the development of interrelated fields, provide more jobs, increase the utilization ratio of resources etc. so, we should take some measures : speeding up developing tourism commodities ; promote the creativeness and cultural connotation ; establish management institution of tourism commodities market ; build right - the - spot enterprises that produce tourism commdoties

    1 、旅遊資源開發主要採取興建、利用、提高和改造四種方式,並且遵循科學的開發程序。 2 、旅遊市場開發應首先分析旅遊者行為特徵和旅遊供需模式,然後進行旅遊市場的分析和目標客源市場的選擇,制定正確的旅遊市場開發策略:進行旅遊地形象策劃;開展豐富多彩的促銷活動;採取靈活的價格策略;提供優質服務等等。 3 、旅遊產品開發應依據市場需求原則、資源特徵原則、特色原則、結構優化原則、綜合效益原則、布局合理化原則等,進行旅遊產品設計,並且根據時間安排合理原則、空間安排適宜原則、等價原則等進行了郊區線路設計。
  5. It was leonus, who from this information intercepted a horde ambush along the supply routes of westfall, trouncing a horde attempt at capturing a caravan of priests returning from darnassus