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  • supreme: adj 最上的,最高的,極上的,無上的,非常的,極度的,最優秀的,最重要的。 the S (Being) 上帝。 t...
  • constitutional: adj 1 生來的,固有的;體質上的。2 憲法(上規定)的;立憲的,擁護憲法的;法制的。3 有益健康的,保...
  • court: n 1 法院,法庭;法官。2 宮廷,朝廷;朝臣;朝見,謁見;御前會議;(公司等的)委員會;董事會;委員...

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  1. At first, the author expatiates on the major function of constitution in the traditional german theory, then introduces the debate in this problem of the german scholars from the 1950 ’ s. after this, the author stresses the attitude of the federal constitutional court which points out the theory of indirect effect and the manner to apply the theory

  2. On the followed day of december 25, 2001, aiming at the 57th clause of amendatory brand law, the supreme people court made an explanation of how to apply clauses to stopping the infringed behave of the special right of registered tra de mark before lawsuit and how to save evidence from damage, which ordained before the litigation of intellectual property, or during the people courts was hearing the cases, the owners of trademark or the relative individuals might bring forward requisition to stop the behave of infringements and might save evidence from damage

    在接下來的2001年12月25日,最高人民法院又針對新修改的商標法的第57條做出了《關于訴前停止侵犯注冊商標專用權行為和保全證據適用法律問題的解釋》 ,規定商標權人或者利害關系人在向人民法院提起知識產權侵權訴訟前,或者在人民法院審理侵權案件的過程中,可以提出先行停止侵權行為並可以進行證據保全的規定,此舉進一步完善了知識產權立法,成為知識產權人維護權利的有力武器。
  3. Only in 1994 did the constitutional court rule that german soldiers could be allowed outside the nato area, and then only if parliament had given its approval

  4. Ukraine ' s constitutional court is to open hearings wednesday on the legality of mr. yushchenko ' s order, which the prime minister ' s supporters have rejected

  5. In march, the massachusetts supreme judicial court ruled that massachusetts could use the 1913 law to bar gay couples from connecticut, maine, new hampshire and vermont from marrying here