surface-seismic data中文意思是什麼

surface-seismic data解釋

  • surface: n 1 表面;地面;水面;廣場,空地。2 外觀,外表,皮毛。3 【幾】面;切口;【航空】翼面。adj 表面的...
  • seismic: adj 地震(性)的;由地震引起的;易生地震的。 a seismic area 震域;震區。 the seismic centre [focu...
  • data: n 1 資料,材料〈此詞系 datum 的復數。但 datum 罕用,一般即以 data 作為集合詞,在口語中往往用單數...

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  1. Processing methods and application of wide - azimuth angle seismic data in fangjiatai area

  2. It is not possible to recognize the existence of blind zones from seismic data alone.

  3. A research on mountain seismic data processing methods

  4. According to characteristics of the seismic data from the low snr region with complex surface, this paper is started from solving the static correction problem and reasonable eliminating all kinds of disturbance in the seismic data from the low snr region with complex surface. through the whole process of seismic data processing which includes a series of processing methods that are suitable for the low snr region, namely, from the choosing of the floating base - level, the static correction in the field and indoors, the eliminating of all kinds of noise before and after stacking, the velocity analysis with high - resolution, the reasonable techniques of deconvolution before stacking and wavelet processing after stacking, to the method choosing of the high - resolution stacking and the reasonable and accurate offset imaging, a set of the complete and effective flow for processing seismic data from the low snr region with complex surface are finally formed, which can meet the need of explo

  5. In view of characteristics of seismic data of gobi - sand dune areas, this paper, through various data - processing means such as quality control, high - pass filltering, dip angle filltering, field static correction, surface consistency deconvolution, precise velocity analysis, denoising before stack, multiple iterative operation of residual static correction, denoising after stack and modification after shift, has raised the data quality of seismic profiles in low signal - to - noise ratio areas and managed to form the seismic data - processing technique for such complex areas as gobi, foreland and dune