音標 [sə:dʒ]
n. 名詞 大浪,波濤;波濤洶涌的大海;(人群、感情等的)洶涌,洋溢,起伏,高漲;〈詩〉海;【機械工程】波動,浪涌,湍振;【電學】電流急沖,電涌;【航海】纜繩滑脫;急速松纜;(絞盤急速松纜的)錐形部。
vi. 不及物動詞 起大浪,(人群、感情等)洶涌,高漲;蜂擁而來,邁進;【電學】電涌;振蕩,【航海】纜繩滑脫;松纜。
vt. 及物動詞 【航海】急放(錨鏈,纜索等)。
a surge current 沖激電流。
surging crowds 蜂擁而來的人群。


    1. This week saw yet another surge in animal spirits

    2. They surge to follow him, eager to be touched by a few baptismal drops ”

    3. With the progress of technology and developing of internet economy in the world, the broadband network becomes another hotspot in internet field when the foam of. com comes to almost nil. with the beginning of new thousand year, hot waves of the broad band surge throughout the country, sorts of investors come and make huge expenses in a constinuous stream to make a majority of marketing lot and lead up the position of broad band market. however, when the net circuity, which is based on huge numbers of cash, is facing the consumers, market really does not redound upon the investors inexpection

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    4. It is believed that a dry sandy terrain would be particularly conductive to base surge formation.

    5. In chapter three, we negative the nonliear terms in the system of equations which include surface pressure, wind stress and coriolis force terms. the height of the storm surge and the storm current can be seen as two terms