sweet bell peppers中文意思是什麼

sweet bell peppers解釋

  • sweet: n 1 斯威特〈姓氏〉。2 Henry Sweet 斯威特〈1845 1912,英國語音學家,語言學家〉。adj 1 甜(蜜)的 ...
  • bell: n 1 貝爾〈姓氏〉。2 Alexander Graham Bell 〈1847 1922,生於蘇格蘭的美國人,電話發明者〉。n 1 鐘,...

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  1. Fabrication in science sounds alarm bell in academia circles

  2. Jude accordingly rang the bell, and was admitted.

  3. We had heard no step on the grass - grown track ; the water running in the vale was the one lulling sound of the hour and scene ; we might well then start when a gay voice, sweet as a silver bell, exclaimed -

  4. Main products : quick - frozen peach, quick - frozen strawberries and quick frozen mushroom - slide, quick - frozen hot peppers, quick - frozen apple quick - frozen sweet potato and other quick - frozen fruits and vegetables

  5. Shredded red, yellow and green bell peppers together with a sauce made of the peppers made the prawns peppery and scrumptious