swine industry中文意思是什麼

swine industry解釋

  • swine: n. 〈sing. , pl. 〉豬,卑鄙下流的傢伙。 some sheep and several swine 幾只羊和幾頭豬。
  • industry: n. 1. 勤勞,勤奮,刻苦。2. 工業,產業,實業,事業。3. 〈集合詞〉資方。4. 有組織的勞動,經常的工作[努力]。

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  1. At the background of more aboil competition, more low industry profit and more short distribution channel, the existence & development situation of mobile phone dealers especially the cdma mobile phone dealers becomes more noticeable

  2. On the basis of synthesizing accentual fruit about ecological industry park, we discussed present issues, reasons and measurement of the ecological industry park in shanghai in this paper

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  4. Hen yang got back home to zizhong, he immediately set up a special leading group composed of key personnel responsible for hog production, agricultural policy, finance, land management and farm credit. the leading group is drafting the countys 11th five year plan for animal husbandry, as well as the countys swine industry development strategy

    回國后,楊書記立即成立了專門的領導小組,組織政策研究畜牧財政國土建設農行信用聯社等有關部門,深入全縣調研,結合內江市「生豬產業百億聯動工程」 ,制定資中縣畜牧業發展
  5. Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus ( prrsv ) is the causative agent of prrs. it causes an important disease in pigs characterized by reproductive failure in sows and gilts, pneumonia and an increase in perinatal mortality, resulting in great economic losses to the swine industry

    豬繁殖與呼吸綜合征是由豬繁殖與呼吸綜合征病毒( porcinerespiratoryandreproductivesyndromevirus , prrsv )引起的一種以母豬繁殖障礙和仔豬呼吸道疾病為特徵的傳染病。