swing cut-off saw中文意思是什麼

swing cut-off saw解釋

  • swing: vi 1 擺動,搖擺,搖動,揮動,搖蕩。2 (人、馬車等)大搖大擺地走 (along past by) 〈擺動著手臂〉...
  • cut: vt (cut; cutting)1 切,割,截,斬,砍(樹),剪(發等);切斷,割下;採伐;剪下;修剪,刈。 I h...
  • off: adv 1 〈運動〉向那邊,隔開。 be off 走,去,逃。 I must be off 我得走了。 Where are you off to 你...
  • saw: saw1see 的過去式。n 格言,諺語〈通常冠用 old 或 wise〉。n 1 鋸,鋸機。 2 【動物;動物學】鋸齒狀器...

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  1. Adolf hitler was cut off in berlin.

  2. Win2000 bed lift is of personalized design, ultra - stable operation, to offer quietness and comfortableness to the greatest extent to patients with warm colors. it is provided with variable voltage variable frequency device, to produce the best operating curve in accordance with the physiological requirements of human body, to show make the safe, comfort, stable and excellent perfomance in the whole process during the operation of the lift from start, acceleration, deceleration to stop. optional cut - off emergency leveling device may be equiooed at the demand of user to ensure that the passengers inside the lift can be rescued in case of power cut - off accident

  3. Charles i had his head cut off.

  4. The emphases of our research works are as follows : under ultra - low temperature ( about 0. 236k ) conditions, how the frequency and power of the saw and the source drain voltage influence the acoustic current ; and the relationship between the source drain current and the split - gate voltage ; and how to find the cut off voltage of the quasi - 1d electron channel ; and also the frequency character of the idt in the saw parts

    研究的重點為,在甚低溫( 0 . 236k )下,通過實驗研究表面聲波的頻率和功率,源漏偏壓等因素對聲電電流的影響;研究準一維電子通道中不同源漏電流與分裂門負偏壓的關系,以找到分裂門的鉗斷點電壓;以及研究聲表面器件叉指換能器的頻率特性等。
  5. 1 the company has imported one set world advantaged test calibrator with matrix tensile stress and purchased international advanced level of continuous sinter kiln, oir press, opening blade machine, cut - off tester, cintrifugal tester and mould. they made in china. these equipment have about 41 sets. diamond circular saw blades with cool and hot pressing can be produced two million pieces per year