synovial joint fluid中文意思是什麼

synovial joint fluid解釋

  • synovial: adj. 滑液的;滑膜的。
  • joint: n 1 接合,榫接合處,接合點。2 【解剖學】關節。3 【植物;植物學】節。4 【電學】接頭。5 【建築】接...
  • fluid: n 流體,液。 body fluid 體液。 cooling fluid 冷卻液。adj 1 流動的;流體的;液體的。2 容易[可]變動...

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  1. The studiesof cellular constituents of synovial fluid of carpus and tarsus in cows

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  4. Comb tenon docking machine, refers meets machine, meets the wooden devices mh1520 - 1560 series product characteristic : the high performance water hydraulic pressure dynamic system, the engaging force strong, the movement is smooth ; ( is mad ) the fluid cylinder for through the iso9001 authentication famous brand goods ; the unique design automatic accent compression connection puts all in one load sets, guarantees the entire supported joint tenon tail engaging force to be consistent, to be reliable ; the docking pressure may surpass 10 tons most greatly

    梳齒榫對接機、指接機、接木機mh1520 - 1560系列產品特點:高性能水液壓動力系統,接合力強、動作順暢; (氣)液缸為通過iso9001認證的名牌產品;獨特設計的自動調壓接合裝置,確保整支接榫頭尾接合力一致、牢固;對接壓力最大可超過10噸。
  5. A big extra - articular herniation sac of primary synovial osteochondromatosis of the hip joint : report of one case