syntax representation中文意思是什麼

syntax representation解釋

  • syntax: n. 【語法】1. 句法;句子結構學。2. 措辭法,字句排列法。
  • representation: n 1 表示,表現,描畫,描寫;畫像,肖像;雕像,想像,想像力;【心理學】表象。2 上演,演出;扮演。3...

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  1. Theoretical, being confined to certain grammatical rules of accidence and syntax and practically excluding vocabulary

  2. Syntax function and reason of adverbial phrase of quot; indeed quot

  3. Part, tamp the basis of writing emotion cultivate : deeply taste of life and excavate emotion potentiality ; read extensively to increase one ' s emotion accumulated ; cultivate one ' s syntax emotion to improve his emotion representation

  4. W3c recommendation is a standard method for generating a physical representation of an xml document, called the canonical form, that accounts for the variations allowed in xml syntax without changing meaning

    [ w3c推薦規范]是一種生成xml文檔物理表示的標準方法,稱為規范化形式,用於統一xml語法中不影響語義的幾種變體。
  5. Specifies the data representation syntax type of a