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  • synthetic: adj 1 綜合的;合成的;(橡膠等)人造的。2 代用的;摹擬的,假想的;虛構的;【語言學】綜合(性)的...
  • graphite: n 【化學】石墨,黑鉛,炭精;鉛筆粉。 colloidal graphite膠體石墨。 graphite electrode 【電學】石墨...
  • powder: n 1 粉,粉末。2 (搽臉的)香粉;牙粉;發粉。3 (一服)藥粉;粉劑;散。4 塵土,泥屑;雪糝。5 炸藥...

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  1. The structures and characteristics of several graphite samples are measured by means of powder x - ray diffraction ( xrd ), brunauer - emmer - teller ( bet ) surface area measurement, inductively coupled plasma ( icp ) spectroscopy, particle size analysis and electrochemical measurements. the effects of origin, structure, impurity, particle size, specific surface area of carbon materials on the electrochemical characteristics are studied. a synthetic graphite with abundant resources, low cost and favorable performance is determined as the raw material for modification of graphite

    採用xrd 、 bet 、 icp 、激光粒徑分析及電化學性能測試等方法,對國內外多種典型石墨樣品的結構與性能進行比較,研究石墨材料的來源、晶體結構、雜質含量、顆粒大小、比表面積等因素對其充放電性能的影響,確定一種性能較好、價格低廉、來源廣泛的普通人造石墨粉作為熱處理與摻雜改性、以及復合結構炭材料研究的原材料。
  2. Dry powder, granule raw materials which have special requirements to drying. for example : hp vesicant, lees, light calcium carbonate, active white earth, magnetic powder, graphite, medical slag and so on

    對有特殊要求的粉狀,顆粒狀物料的乾燥。如: hp發泡劑、酒糟渣、輕質碳酸鈣、活性白土、磁粉、石墨、藥渣。
  3. Natural flake graphite powder used in nonferrous, metal molten furnace for oxygen - proof material

  4. Improved graphite anode for lithium ion batteries is obtained by heat - treatment of synthetic graphite

  5. Orbit of moving iron core uses stainless steel and special synthetic graphite bedding block, with features : low operating noise, free of oil and maintenance, with durable and wearable ability