t square中文意思是什麼

t square解釋

  • t: 中世紀羅馬數字的160。
  • square: n 1 正方形,四方塊,四角;方形物。2 (方形)廣場;〈美國〉(四面都是馬路的)方陣建築;街區;(方...

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  1. Using the net assets per capital, the investment return rate, the t - m model, the h - m model, the single factor evaluating model which consists of the treynor index, the jensen index, the sharpe index and the square m index, we evaluate the performance of the twelve mutual funds. and we come to the following conclusions : ( 1 ) after the modification of the risk factor, our mutual funds in the recent one year outguess the market ; ( 2 ) better performance comes from the aid of the government, the improvement of the investment environment and the hard, smart work of the managers especially in the way of selecting some securities in the capital market. ( 3 ) though we make progress, there are still many problems which prevent the further development of our mutual funds such as the devise of the management fee and the characteristics of different funds, all of them divided into the subjective ones and the objective ones

    通過使用投資基金單位凈資產和投資收益率指標、單因素整體績效評估模型,包括treynor指數、 jensen指數、 sharpe指數和業績的m ~ 2測度以及t - m 、 h - m模型對12隻樣本基金進行實證研究,實證研究表明: ( 1 )經過風險調整后,在最近的一年中,我國證券投資基金的業績總體上優於市場基準組合; ( 2 )基金業績的提高得益於管理層的重視、投資環境的改善和基金經理的經營,而基金經理的良好業績是通過一定的證券選擇來獲得的; ( 3 )已成為證券市場上舉足輕重力量的基金在發展過程中雖然取得了一定的成績但其進一步發展還面臨著許多問題,有主觀存在的諸如管理費率的設定、基金風格方面的問題等等,也有客觀存在的諸如證券市場現階段的不完善等等,所以,我們應該抓住《證券投資基金法》問世帶給基金業發展的契機,大力促進證券投資基金規范發展,採取各種措施做大、做優和做強基金業。
  2. [ b ] lll. be a thoughtful dancer : [ / b ] personal cleanliness is important in square dancing. don ' t forget to use something to sweeten your breath. don ' t drink, smoke …

  3. In fourth grade, your idea of a friend was the person who was willing to switch square dancing partners in gym so you wouldn ' t have to be stuck with nasty nicky or smelly susan

  4. It was because my heart warn t right ; it was because i warn t square ; it was because i was playing double

  5. Interviewer : do you believe there is a safety issue ? i mean, couldn ' t square covers fall into the hole and hurt someone