n. 名詞 「霸王龍」〈美國電影《侏羅紀公園》中一隻兇猛的恐龍〉。

  • t: 中世紀羅馬數字的160。
  • rex: n 雷克斯〈男子名〉。n 〈拉丁語〉1 〈英國〉王,君主〈略 R 常用於訴訟案件中,如:George R =King Ge...


  1. For example, an elephant ' s four tree trunk - like legs keep its center of mass over its feet, while t. rex would have had to balance its mass differently over its two small legs, bending them to keep from toppling over

  2. T - rex : when you get a base hit.

    T -雷克斯:當你打了安打. .
  3. Subject : t - rex 450x for 3d, forgett zoom

    主題:小暴龍可飛3d ,忘掉炫風吧!
  4. " it was the t. rex of the ocean, " said j ? rn hurum, co - leader of the research team. " it would have eaten everything.

  5. The model results, detailed in the june 21 issue of the journal of theoretical biology, also showed that t. rex would have had considerable inertia preventing it from turning quickly ; a 45 - degree turn would have taken one or two seconds ? far longer than for a human

    模型的結果,詳細刊載於六月21日的理論生物雜志中,同樣還現實了暴龍是有著巨大慣性,阻礙了它迅速轉身;一個45度的轉身要花上一兩秒鐘- -這要比一個人做起來時間長的多。