t-slot screws iso中文意思是什麼

t-slot screws iso解釋

  • t: 中世紀羅馬數字的160。
  • slot: n 1 狹縫,窄孔;【機械工程】漕溝;自動售貨機投錢口。2 【航空】翼縫。3 〈美口〉(集體或系列中的)...
  • screws: 緊固件
  • iso: iso (消歧義)

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  1. T - slot cutters. part 2 : dimensions of t - slot cutters with morse taper shanks with tapped holes

  2. Swing riveting technology, and using the screw pole going up and down the bench the head part is fixed admittedly, the mesa possesses t - slot of clamping apparatus, bench center aperture and axis coaxial, and

  3. The handle makes the power head ascend and descend easily and t - slot on the bench are fixes the clamping tool available. the center hole on the bench is coaxial with the riveting spindle and it can put the jig on it at the accurate position

  4. M12t is the small - size orbit riveting machine of hydraulic pressure, and the plum blossom removing to apply to have international advanced orbit riveting technology, this machine has been enlarged the bench, and possesses t - slot of clamping apparatus, bench centre aperture and axis coaxial, and available fixes a position in the clamping apparatus

  5. Assembly tools for screws and nuts - machine - operated screwdriver bits - part 3 : screwdriver bits for hexagon socket screws iso 2351 - 3 : 2002