tab show中文意思是什麼

tab show解釋

  • tab: 1 Technical Assistance Board (of the United Nations) (聯合國)技術援助委員會。2 Technical Abst...
  • show: vt (showed;shown 〈罕用語〉showed)1 給看,示,出示;顯示,顯出;陳列,展出,供參觀;炫耀,賣弄...

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  1. The paper analyses different forms of narrative embedding in two absurdist plays, i. e., samuel beckett ' s krapp ' s last tape and edward albee ' s the zoo story, in an attempt to show the poetic characteristic of this narrative strategy in application to the two plays

  2. William hung s try - out, a spirited, if tuneless, rendition of ricky martin s " she bangs, " was icily received by the show s three - judge panel. after suffering through hung s 90 - second tryout, during which he shouted the song s chorus and failed miserably at imitating ricky martin s gyrations, hung was interrupted by famously acerbic judge simon cowell

  3. Educational criticism at the 21st century is characterized of extensive subject, outstanding hotspot, manifold form, its participation degree exceeding all the time before, aculeate saying and clear - sighted sensibility, and deep influence. all these show its healthy development trend

  4. Tab of cube designer. bi development studio detects that the cube has been updated and prompts you to reconnect to show the updated cube

    Bi development studio將檢測到該多維數據集已更新,並提示您重新連接以顯示更新后的多維數據集。
  5. Click the options tab, and then select the show screentips on toolbars check box