tack cringle中文意思是什麼

tack cringle解釋

  • tack: n 1 平頭釘;圖釘。2 (裁縫)暫縫,粗縫,假縫。3 (英議會隨財政法案提出的)附帶條款。4 【航海】縱...
  • cringle: n. 【造船】索眼;索圈。

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  1. His economic policymakers tried another tack 方針 and instituted a short - lived expansionary 擴張 性 program to boost aggregate demand

  2. I had scarce gained a position on the bowsprit, when the flying jib flapped and filled upon the other tack, with a report like a gun

  3. With iran so obdurate, why the changed tack over bushehr ? in 2005 russia said no fuel would go while questions remained about iran ' s peaceful intentions. but inspectors have plenty of those

    伊朗如此冥頑不靈,何以俄羅斯在布希爾問題上還會改變策略? 2005年,俄羅斯曾表示,只要外界對伊朗的和平意圖仍存有疑問,就不會給任何燃料放行。但核查人員有著許多疑問。
  4. The ship is on the offshore tack and the wind may fail us.

  5. The tuen mun public riding school is the largest of its kind in hong kong. it is occupies a 3. 58 hectares site with facilities including three paddocks, stables, feed stores, furrier and tack rooms. the school is managed by the hong kong jockey club and has total 40 horses and 20 ponies, which some of them are retired from the competition

    公眾騎術學校佔地35 , 800平方米,由香港賽馬會管理,是本港最大規模的同類設施,設有三個沙圈、釘鉀及馬鞍房等設施,擁有四十匹大馬及二十匹小馬,部分更是曾出賽的退役馬匹。