tailing reducer中文意思是什麼

tailing reducer解釋

  • tailing: 多相位的
  • reducer: n. 1. 縮小物。2. 漸縮管;減壓閥;退黏劑;【化學】還原器,還原劑;【攝影】減薄劑。

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  1. By taking advantage of computer technology the main parts of the reducer - epicycloid groove, hypocycloid groove, steel ball and output mechanism are shown and emulated. the motion of the drive is also demonstrated. the paper mainly concludes the following works : at first, the meshing efficiency of the drive is studied and analyzed in theory according to the constituted construction and the drive principles

    在對其傳動原理及結構進行分析的基礎上,對該傳動的嚙合效率進行了深入研究,並針對該傳動的整體尺寸進行了參數模糊可靠性優化,進而利用計算機技術,對該傳動的主要零件? ?內、外擺線盤和等速輸出機構進行了三維建模模擬,演示了該傳動的運動情況。
  2. Vertical reducer for tank series fp belt - driving reducer

  3. On august 2, 1995, mundungus fletcher was on guard duty, tailing harry potter around the neighborhood of privet drive

  4. Roller adopts imported 95 natural wearable isoprene, height of roller adjusted by micro - speed reducer, controlling sanding precision exactly

  5. Based on in - situ investigation and laboratory experiments, the article analyzed in detail the factors which affect the transportation and strength characteristics of gangue cemented tailing grain fillings such as powder coal, water - reducer, mortar density and grain size distribution