tandem co ected turbine中文意思是什麼

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  • tandem: adj adv (兩匹馬)前後縱列;串聯,串列 (opp abreast)。 a tandem bus [trolleybus] 聯掛公共汽車[...
  • co: 1. cobalt 【化學】鈷。2. concentration 濃度;濃縮;【礦物】富集,選礦。
  • turbine: n 【機械工程】(渦)輪機,葉輪機,汽輪機,透平機。 a hydraulic [water] turbine 水輪機。 a steam t...

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  1. Combined with practice of rotation - impulsing for steam - driven feed - water pump by using standby steam source in yahe - kou power - generation co ltd, the feasibility and economic behavior of rotation - impulsing for steam - driven feed - water pump, and warming turbine and pump up in advance by using standby steam source to shorten cold - state start - up time, and to save start - up expenses, have been analysed

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  3. This article focuses on produce scheduling technology and the algorithm of job scheduling, at the same time, exploits and implements the “ production management system ” of harbin turbine co. ltd. ( short of “ htc ” )

    本文主要對基於aps的生產排程技術和作業調度演算法的優化技術進行研究,同時完成課題哈爾濱汽輪機責任有限公司(簡稱「哈汽」 )生產管理系統的開發和實現。
  4. Methods the 54th generation of transformed human embryonic tendon cells and artificial composite materials of carbon fibers ( cf ) and polyglycolic ( pga ) were co - cultured in vitro to construct tet. lt was frozen in liquid nitrogen with four kinds of cpa for 2 months. post - thawed quickly and transplanted into hind limbs of nude mice, and repaired the defects of achilles tendon. after 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 weeks, the morphological, histological, ultrastructure, short tandem repeat loci and immunohistochemistry examination were detected, and biomechanical strength of tet were examined. result tendon cell survived and could secret type i collagen after 12 weeks to transplanted into nude mice. in the group of dmso + raffmose + kh2o4, vacuole in mitochondrion degraded i tendon cell ranged in order, abundant collagen fibers were found and linked each other and the biomechanical strength was increased as time elapsed. c onclusion dmso + raffmose + kh2o4 could protect tet in deep low temperature

    組織工程肌腱制備完成後在四種抗凍劑保護下液氮凍存2月;快速復溫后植入裸鼠以修復跟腱缺損, 2 、 4 、 6 、 8 、 12周后取出,觀察形態學、組織學、電鏡和免疫組織化學變化,短串聯重復位點檢測和生物力學變化。結果實驗組組織工程肌腱體內植入12周后仍有肌腱細胞存活並分泌型膠原;隨著時間延長, 10二甲基亞碸( dmso ) +棉子糖( 30mmol l ) + kh _ 2po _ 4 ( 25mmol l )組線粒體空泡減少,肌腱細胞排列整齊,膠原纖維增粗並連接,抗拉強度增高。
  5. Hangzhou chinen steam turbiner power co., ltd. was founded on december 28, 2003 a initiated and controlled by the hangzhou steam turbine holding company