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  1. Digg stack shows diggs occurring in real time on up to 100 stories at once. diggers fall from above and stack up on popular stories. brightly colored stories have more diggs

  2. She says you ' re better looking than taye diggs

  3. This romantic comedy, described as an african - american when harry met sally. ., centers on a romance between an a & r exec, dre ( diggs ), at a hip - hop label and a magazine editor, sidney ( lathan ), who have known each other since childhood. ( latifah plays lathan ' s best friend

  4. " as a key and long - standing partner of the kenya wildlife service in rhino conservation, wwf is very concerned about this worrying development which threatens to reverse the gains made in the last decade, " says dr taye teferi, coordinator of wwf s africa rhino programme

    世界自然基金會非洲犀牛存護計劃統籌taye teferi博士表示:總會是肯亞野生動物管理局犀牛保育工作的長期伴,一向非常關注這個令人擔憂的情況,恐怕偷獵活動會抵銷過去十年的工作成果。