Te = 【化學】 tellurium.

    1. Bottling industry. glass bottles. 75 cl light " fl ? te d ' alsace " wine bottle

      制瓶工業.玻璃瓶. 75cl輕量阿爾薩斯長笛式瓶
    2. C & ocirc ; te de beaune villages is a different appellation

    3. This terroir also called la montagne ( the mountain ) in the aloxe - corton area produces the best red wines of c & ocirc ; te de beaune

      他的地域特色也在阿羅斯-高頓地區被稱為「山脈」 ,他出產最好的波恩山坡等級的紅酒。
    4. Hengchun also has its " three curiosities " its powerful chinook - type wind that blows down from the mountains, betel palms, and the old musician chen te, who had a world famous hit

    5. And the explicit finite difference method, the combining method of the central difference method and newmark s constant average acceleration method, and the transmitting boundary are used. by comparing the acceleration determined by the several methods of the displacements or velocities, a computing method of acceleration employed the one side difference of velocity is more practicality in this research. corresponding to normal incidence of the body waves, p waves or svwaves, and rayleigh surface waves, two two - dimensional finite difference programs are compiled to compu te the dynamic response of two - phase media

      以土力學模型為基礎,利用以土骨架和孔隙流體的四個位移為基本未知量的數值方法去模擬二維飽水介質中的地震波傳播,採用了顯式差分方法(中心差分法和newmark常平均加速度法結合)和透射邊界,通過比較利用幾種差分格式求解的加速度結果,發現一種用速度單邊差分求解加速度的方法在本文研究中較為實用,分別編制了體波( p波或sv波) 、 rayleigh面波輸入時求解兩相介質動力響應的兩個二維數值分析程序。