tea seed saponin中文意思是什麼

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  • tea: n 1 茶;茶葉。2 茶樹。3 茶水;茶湯。4 〈英國〉午後茶點,午後小吃;茶會。5 〈美俚〉大麻(葉),大...
  • seed: n (pl seed(s))1 〈集合詞〉【植物;植物學】種;種子。2 顆粒;晶粒。3 〈pl 通例 seed〉 【生理】...
  • saponin: n. 【化學】皂角苷。

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  1. Response of amylase to acid rain during seed germination

  2. This paper mainly discusses the source and chemical components of the oil - tea - cake, as well as the way and important value of its comprehensive utillization. we can extract tea oil and tea saponin, make acid picking buffer - corrodent, active carbon and protein feed from the oil - tea - cake. the producing methods and practical use of these products are presented

  3. Available for purchase will be lotus flower tea, lotus root powder, lotus seed cakes and lotus stamen tea, as well as other delicacies and postcards

  4. Oil - tea camellia seed oil

  5. It is suitable for automatically packaging of loose nonsticky , granular and poedered products such as foodstuffs , medicines tea , chemicals and seed etc