telephone operator apparatus中文意思是什麼

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  • telephone: n 電話(機)。 a dial telephone 自動電話。 a public telephone 公用電話。 a telephone booth [box] ...
  • operator: n 1 操作者,機務員;司機,駕駛員;【軍事】電話兵;【電話】接線員,話務員(=telephone operator)...
  • apparatus: n (pl apparatus(es))1 器具,裝置,設備,機器,器械,儀器。2 (身體上的)器官。3 政治機構,機...

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  1. Automatic coin telephone service includes a telephone company central office that can complete all types of payphone calls automatically without an operator

  2. The telephone operator connected us.

  3. Visually impaired persons are limited to a few types of jobs, such as massage, telephone operator or piano refinement

  4. Your advertisement for a telephone operator in fiva. cn has in treated me ; i feel i can fill that position

  5. . . when suddenly the telephone operator came up to him and said

    . .接線員突然走到他跟前對他說: