teletext carrier charge中文意思是什麼

teletext carrier charge解釋

  • teletext: 大利市機
  • carrier: n 1 運送人,搬夫;負荷者;使役,〈美國〉信差,郵遞員;送報人;〈英國〉運輸行,運輸業者。2 傳書鴿...
  • charge: vt 1 填;裝(子彈);充(電);使飽和;使充滿;堆積,裝載。2 命令;促;諭示,指令。3 責備;告誡。...

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  1. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, where a contract of carriage by sea provides explicitly that a specified part of the carriage covered by the said contract is to be performed by a named actual carrier other than the carrier, the contract may nevertheless provide that the carrier shall not be liable for the loss, damage or delay in delivery arising from an occurrence which takes place while the goods are in the charge of the actual carrier during such part of the carriage

  2. It was found that, the as grown crystal of mnxcd1 - xin2te4 is p type semiconductor, both the charge density and the resistivity increase with x value, while the carrier mobility decreases with x

    晶體的電學性能,發現生長態的mncd晶體均為p型半導體。隨著組分x值的增大,載流於的濃度np減小,遷移率p 。
  3. Charge carrier distribution

  4. We only need consider electron as carrier of electric charge in former electron transporting process, but in gmr effect, electron not only is the carrier of electric charge, but also has spin

  5. In respect of sic devices, an analytical model of 6h - sic jfet to well match the experimental results is proposed. the radiation response of sic jfet in room temperature to 300 c is simulated with the analysis for the neutron irradiation effect such as carrier removal, mobility degradation and space charge density decrease

    對sicjfet的電參數如電子濃度,遷移率,電阻率和空間電荷區密度在中子輻照下的變化進行了分析,提出了中子輻照下6h - sicjfet的器件模型,利用此模型對sicjfet在室溫和300時的輻照響應進行模擬的結果和實驗值相符。