temperature by mouth中文意思是什麼

temperature by mouth解釋

  • temperature: n. 1. 溫度,氣溫。2. 體溫。3. 〈口語〉發燒,高燒。
  • by: adv 1 在側,在旁,在附近。2 (擱)在一邊,(放)到旁邊,(存)在一旁;收著。3 (由旁邊)經過,過...
  • mouth: n (pl mouths )1 口 口腔 嘴。2 〈 pl 〉口 (需要贍養的)人;(需要飼養的)動物。3 口狀物 出入口...

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  1. The clinical observation of regulation on neonate ' s temperature by radiation bed ' s servo mechanism

  2. The goal is to control the water outlet temperature by manipulating the flow rate of the steam and control the water inlet rate by manipulating the height of the water level in the water tank

  3. Don ' t take any thing by mouth after midnight until the blood is drawn tomorrow morning

  4. After two weeks in fairfield, she was well enough to come home and able to tolerate small amounts of soft food by mouth

  5. Nh2so3h was used to efficiently perform one - pot, three - component, biginelli condensation reactions of aldehydes, - ketoesters and urea under solvent - free conditions at room temperature by grinding method

    摘要以nh2so3h為催化劑,室溫無溶劑條件下,研磨芳醛、 -酮酸酯和尿素合成了一系列1 , 2 , 3 , 6 -四氫嘧啶2 -酮衍生物。